Glenfis Cloud Talk

Confidence is the key to the cloud. Glenfis AG is engaged as an independent consultant and subject matter expert for cloud service customers as well as for cloud service providers in order to create transparency and build and deepen the necessary confidence on both sides. These experiences we want to share with all interested companies and cloud providers regularly.

The Cloud Talk events are usually conducted in German.

What is the «Glenfis Cloud Talk»?

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«Glenfis Cloud Talk»

Glenfis Could Talk im Prime Tower Zurich

Cloud computing has introduced the fourth industrial revolution. This flexible and demand and usage-based provision and payment of IT resources, applications and entire data centers via the Internet opens up huge possibilities and opportunities in the market for companies of various sizes. On the other hand there are major uncertainties, exactly what happens to the data and information, where they are stored, who has access to it, where and whether the company can control the data in its responsibility at any time.

That is why we launched the «Glenfis Cloud Talk» . We want to create a platform to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere on the challenges of cloud service management. During a business breakfast event at «CLOUDS» in the airy Zurich Prime Tower, we want to provide representatives of cloud service customers, cloud service providers and subject matter experts a trusting atmosphere through knowledge and exchange about this technology twice a year.

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