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Integrated solution approach: The glenfisPrinciple

Our individual services are provided by two specialised business units: glenfisSolution and glenfisAcademy. These are two special areas where services harmoniously merge with each other. However, to guarantee flexibility, our services are composed into an integrated concept according to requirements and specifically for the client: the glenfisPrinciple. The glenfisPrinciple is an integrated approach; it assists you and your employees in the ongoing project and enables you to meet future challenges.

We have recognised that changes must be lived from within and should not be imposed by external sources. Therefore we bring our abilities and experience objectively and in a project-oriented manner to the intentions and plans of our clients. This allows consulting, training and accompanying you and your team during the whole process. Through our active support we enable our clients to implement their business requirements in compliance with best practice principles and in tried and proven steps as well as to apply future change processes consistently.

In order that this understanding remains firmly anchored in your organisation, we proceed gradually and solution-oriented when introducing IT service management: according to the glenfisPrinciple. And thus guide your employees from knowledge, to proficiency, to implementation. We have reached our goal, when our support is no longer necessary.


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