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Your challenge

From the cost block to added value, from the necessity to strategic success factors, from technology to an integrated service...

Challenges like this are not foreign to you. They form the basis of your targeted offering within the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Establish your customer-orientated Service Management and you will signify efficiency and expertise, capability and security.

In order to reach the goal quickly and securely from the starting point, a transparent analysis of the current situation is just as important as defining the goals, exploring all suitable routes as well as recognising possible bottlenecks and obstacles early on. We assist you in this endeavour by providing a comprehensive and integrated range of services.

Our solution

Objectively taking stock

  • Measuring the level of process maturity - for maximum transparency regarding process maturity and process capability
  • "Hotspot analysis" on the basis of ITIL/COBIT - so you can recognise any gaps between the status quo and the ideal model, as well as risks and urgent recommendations for action

"Readiness Assessment" / Analysis of the ISO conformity

  • Information security → ISO 27 000 - for a critical evaluation of your information security policy and your processes with regard to fulfilling the specifications of the standard
  • Service management → ISO 20 000 – for reviewing your Management System with regard to professionalism and quality
  • IT governance (total management system) → COBIT – for linking your business goals with the IT service goals across the entire IT organisation

Confidently reaching your goal on time

  • Preparation and maintenance of the Roadmap – so you reach your goals efficiently, realistically and on time
  • Planning and supervision of the individual work procedures - we empower you and your employees to be a "learning organisation"

The way to successful certification

  • Coaching and Consulting - from the starting point up to successful certification
  • Preparation for audits and (re)certifications as well as recommendations for choosing the suitable accredited certifier so that you remain "the best of its class"





Your benefit

Working together with Glenfis will give you on the one hand an independent, transparent and detailed assessment of the current "capabilities" of your organisation. On the other hand you will benefit from a broad range of expert knowledge, comparability and benchmarking, from assured planning and effective process optimisation. And put your faith in the experience gained from numerous completed projects, exceptional commitment and the impressive expertise of your ITIL and Governance Partner.

From taking stock to a certified organisation – be on track with Glenfis.

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