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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Your challenge

The challenges to your IT and the IT organisation are both manifold and challenging. It is nevertheless worthwhile to cover different needs and basic conditions to optimum effect. Such as for instance the requirement to support the superordinate Business Strategies efficiently, economically, with minimum resources and to the highest quality. On the other hand there is the need to satisfy the numerous requirements regarding Compliance and Governance, legislation and risk minimisation, effective control systems and adherence to the contract in the best possible way.

But how can Business Guidelines and Compliance requirements be adhered to without compromising the performance? How can risks be identified and controlled? How can the IT organisation be managed on the basis of processes and how are its achievements measured?

In order to supply sound answers to these kinds of questions, Glenfis is at your disposal with extensive "Governance, Risk and Compliance" services. These include, among other things:

Our solution

Implementation of a Governance Structure

  • Drawing up policies and process maps – so that the rules and management structure have a transparent and mandatory framework
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities (right down to the activities of the individual employees) - in such a way that you gain clarity on competencies and authority

Set-up and maintenance of a Risk Management System

  • Creating maximum transparency with regard to the risks across the company (risk map) through IT services – so you are spared from and avoid unpleasant surprises in time
  • Drawing up the basic principles for the appropriate handling of risks, for the use of resources as 'trustees' as well as for providing the Business optimal support - so your ICT fulfils its intended role in every respect.

Planning and implementing a Control System

  • Implementation of process controls – so critical developments can be identified in time
  • Set-up of an Internal Control System (ICS) that can be audited, definition of control points and mechanisms for the automatic control of relevant aspects - benefit from a central management instrument and thereby fulfil your duty to exercise diligence
  • Implementation of a transparent Dashboard to identify the respective current situation – so that you always know whether your ship is on course and so you can perform your management function at all times with foresight.

Quality Management

  • Set-up of an internal quality measuring system for the visualisation and control of services, risks and processes – enabling you to continuously improve the performances of your Service Organisation.

Your benefit

The integral balance between Business and Compliance requirements, the recognition and proactive control of processes and bottlenecks, the effective implementation of IT management principles, the set-up of a continuous Governance System with clear responsibilities – the integration of a comprehensive "Governance, Risk and Compliance" strategy assures you of these and many other advantages . Put your faith in Glenfis, in the years of experience of our experts and a commitment that is without parallel.

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