Maria Rickli

Maria Rickli

At Glenfis since 2016

Business Relationship Management or as well called Business – IT Alignment is my personal passion since years.

My 9 years’ experience as Service Manager and Business Relationship Manager helped me to build a lot of experience and knowledge in these fields. Based on this I know how crucial the relationship and cooperation between Business and IT is.

Managing full outsourcing contracts including the transition phase on global accounts, helped me to develop knowledge in Organizational Change Management. Developing and implementing of all IT service management processes to ensure seamless cooperation with our customers. Here as well – human aspects pay a major role.

No being an accredited trainer for Business Relationship Management Professional BRMP® gives me the possibility to mediate the knowledge to successfully perform the role as Business Relationship Manager. In addition, I support customers implementing Business Relationship Management in order to facilitate the convergence between business and IT.