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Cloud Computing Simulation  [SICL1]


Course topic

IT organizations are finding themselves under increasing pressure to deliver more with less; however, business demand for IT continues to rise. In addition, the economic climate is necessitating businesses to innovate and change, creating unpredictability and fluctuating business demand that can make effective delivery of IT services to the business a significant challenge.

The promise of cloud computing creates an irresistible value proposition that both business and IT leaders are keen to capture. However, the promise of cloud also brings with it confusion and concerns. The hype around cloud has brought the topic of infrastructure to the forefront of both technical and business discussions, creating pressure on IT to deliver cloud solutions in the short term.

Normally delivered over 3 rounds, a Cloud Simulation uses gaming dynamics to mirror a real world global enterprise facing fluctuating business demands. Participants progress through the rounds, gaining a holistic understanding of the revolutionary agility and efficiency benefits of cloud computing as they go. In addition, the simulation

experience continues between rounds, as effective planning is required for both effective delivery and responsible consumption of cloud computing services.

Because cloud computing includes several different delivery models and approaches, the simulation will help participants clearly define their objectives, understand the type of environment that will best meet their needs, and develop an implementation approach and selection solutions that will ensure a successful outcome and minimize risk.

Training Objectives

You will leave understanding how adopting Cloud Computing can

  • get clarity and understanding around cloud solutions, for vendor organization and for clients
  • make you realize how agility and cost-efficiency can be achieved with cloud solutions get a much better understanding about Cloud Computing Services
  • get a much better understanding about Cloud Computing Services

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • Cloud Manager
  • IT managers
  • Service managers
  • IT developers
  • IT system administrators
  • IT quality managers
  • Service management personnel
  • Process owners
  • System Administrator


There will be no certification exam.



The workshop can be carried out with 8 to 12 employees.

Costs for the day workshop including licenses CHF 5'500 .--

This workshop can also be combined with an Cloud Management training.


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