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Business Relationship Management - Grab@Pizza  [SIPIZ1]


Course topic

In this simulation, your task is to configure the IT department of one of the world’s largest pizza companies in such a way that the company can achieve its ultimate goal - to secure an even bigger slice of the global pizza market. To do this, operating costs must be reduced while revenue- and market share are increased, and improvements must to be made to customer satisfaction and -loyalty. IT plays a central role throughout.
How do you organise your IT resources? Which IT products and services should you utilise to ensure that the company achieves its objectives?

The focal areas of this hands-on simulation are:

  • Business relationship management
  • Service level management
  • Change management
  • Financial management

Training Objectives

  • Delivering agreed IT services with limited budget- and employee resources
  • Optimising IT costs through the streamlining of ITSM-staff, -processes and –supporting technologies
  • Effective utilisation of suppliers
  • Prioritising IT investment and workload with regards to maintenance, support, innovation and development
  • Realising business requirements in the necessary IT services
  • Planning and prioritising activities towards application development
  • Minimising potential business risks and threats
  • Achieving and illustrating added value for the company

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • Business Relationship Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Business
  • CIO
  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • IT consultants
  • IT instructors
  • IT coordinators
  • IT personnel with promotion potential


There will be no certification exam.



The workshop can be carried out with 8 to 12 employees.

Costs for the day workshop including licenses CHF 5'500 .--

This workshop can also be combined with an ITIL training.


Early bird rebate

If you book your course more than 4 months in advance you will get a rebate on the course fee of 10%.

Volume discount

Motivate your colleagues. Already with 3 people in the same course and simultaneous registration we grant interesting discounts on the course fees:

  • 3 persons on the same course date 10%
  • 4 persons on the same course date 15%
  • 5 persons on the same course date 20%

The discounts are not cumulative - it is always the highest that counts.

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