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DevOps Simulation  [SIDO1]


Course topic

The DevOps Simulation is a role-based game, focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle. Typically 14-20 participants take part. On te day, participants are split into five teams:

  • Business
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Release
  • Operation

In three short rounds, working across departments, each team completes tasks and reviews their results, e.g. applications completed, time-to-market window, cost and ROI, compatibility and performance. The aim is to tear down isolated work boundaries step by step. In stages, the benefits of DevOps practices across enterprise organizations become crystal clear.

Training Objectives

You will leave understanding how adopting DevOps can:

  • Complete and deliver a number of applications successfully
  • Satisfy time-to-market demands
  • Reduce cost and drive ROI
  • Increase engagement and visioning at CxO Level
  • Improve cross-organization team performance
  • Enhance business understanding of combined Development and Operations’ value
  • Provide the “Aha!” moment when everybody “gets it”

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • IT operations employees
  • Release managers
  • Change managers
  • Service transition managers
  • Everybody who is looking to find out more about the topic of DevOps


There will be no certification exam.



The workshop can be carried out with 15 to 22 employees.

Costs for the day workshop including licenses CHF 7'500 .--

This workshop can also be combined with a DevOps Foundation training.


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