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Lego4Scrum – Practically experience Scrum and understand  [SIL4SC1]


Course topic

Playful learning is more effective, easier and encourages a more profound understanding of the materials. This is the motto of Lego4Scrum. The task in this exercise is to build a city using Lego™ blocks whilst meeting the requirements of the Scrum product owner. The Scrum master ensures that rules are observed and also coaches the Scrum team.

All essential elements of the Agile project management framework of Scrum are thoroughly enacted. In his way, you experience a game situation that is based on teamwork and which has the potential to become the daily situation of project business.

Training Objectives

  • The essence of Scrum: Scrum process, roles
  • Dealing with changing requirements
  • Management of Scrum projects
  • Coaching as a Scrum master
  • Product backlog, planning a sprint
  • Implementation of the daily stand up
  • Sprint validation and sprint retrospective
  • Teamwork 1:1

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • IT operations employees
  • Release managers
  • Change managers
  • Service transition managers
  • Everybody who is looking to find out more about the topic of Agile & Scrum


There will be no certification exam.

This course counts for HERMES Re-certification.



The workshop can be carried out with 4 to 22 employees.

Costs for the one day workshop CHF 3'500 .--, half day workshop CHF 2'500

This workshop can also be combined with a Scrum training.


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