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Organizational Change Management - ABC-of-ICT Analyze  [SIABC1]


Course topic

When optimizing IT-Governance and Service Organizations, we focus on concentrating on eliminating Worst Practices: The inefficient activities and counterproductive behaviors. Instead of a one-size-fits-all implementation of best practice frameworks, we offer spot-on solutions that improve your service performance!

With the hands-on and highly effective ABC of ICT™ method we uncover the very specific worst practices of any IT organisation and illustrate the impact on IT value and business processes.

During professionally facilitated ABC workshops, your staff, management and, if applicable, also customers, end-users and providers compile the distinct actual situation regarding Attitude, Behavior and the prevalent corporate Culture.

With the help of a deck of 57 ABC cards – circumventing the myopic group-think – the worst practices are being uncovered and discussed. Based on this analysis, measures are defined that will have the highest impact possible with the least effort to achieve the previously defined ITSM performance goal.

Training Objectives

The approach of the ABC of ICT usually is as follows:

  1. Identification: What are our Worst and Good Practices?
  2. Understanding: What are the root causes and triggers AND what is the risk exposure?
  3. Elimination: Which measures could we commence and who is accountable to implement it?

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • Business
  • Organisations Change Manager
  • IT-Manager
  • Project manager
  • Develper
  • IT Operations staff
  • Release Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Service Transition Manager


There will be no certification exam.



The workshop can be carried out with 12 to 30 employees.

Costs for the half day workshop CHF 2'500 .--


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