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Sourcing Governance Foundation  [P-SGF2]


Course topic

When IT services are fulfilled by external specialists, the effect is that entirely new demands are placed on IT governance.Thereby, operational control of IT services is outsourced and managed by commercial relationships, -contracts and -coordination.

Best practice demonstrates how to implement and operate sourcing governance. In this process, both the business' own employees as well as the service provider must be aware of the key principles and the outsourcing concept in order to build and maintain a successful customer-supplier relationship.

In this course, you will gain enhanced knowledge of the outsourcing- and governance concept.An interactive approach combined with lectures, discussions and the best practice sourcing governance framework ensures sustained learning.You can optimally prepare yourself for the optional foundation examination through the use of real-life case studies.

Training Objectives

  • Introduction to outsourcing
  • Preparations for outsourcing
  • Supplier selection and due diligence
  • Development of an outsourcing financial case, pricing
  • Contracts and negotiations in outsourcing
  • Taxes and monitoring of the transition in an outsourced environmentDemand supply governance framework
  • Demand supply governance framework
  • Design & implementation of a demand supply organisation

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • IT-responsible business managers and CEOs
  • IT service managers (client side)
  • IT vendor managers (client side)
  • IT procurement officers (client side)
  • Bid managers (supply side)
  • Delivery managers (supply side)
  • Consultants



Course material in English

Sourcing Governance Foundation folder including:

  • Training slides
  • Student Workbook
  • Mock exam
  • USB stick with
    • Slide show
    • Exam simulator
    • Further related material

Original books:

  • Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge
  • The Demand Supply Governance Framework


An internally-conducted seminar is possible from at least six participants

Can be done with the following simulation programm:


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Volume discount

Motivate your colleagues. Already with 3 people in the same course and simultaneous registration we grant interesting discounts on the course fees:

  • 3 persons on the same course date 10%
  • 4 persons on the same course date 15%
  • 5 persons on the same course date 20%

The discounts are not cumulative - it is always the highest that counts.

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