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Implementation of NIST cybersecurity framework with COBIT® 5  [P-ICSF3]


Course topic

Against a backdrop of new ­­­trends in technology, increased mobility and the continuous expansion of data networking and -systems, cybersecurity is today an issue of the highest urgency. It is an issue that this spans out from the highest management agendas to all other hierarchical levels. And while cybersecurity can be considered a sub-area of general information security, it also comprises highly specific aspects that require the input of trained professionals.

Within the company, it makes great sense to align the area of cybersecurity with all other aspects of information security. Above all from the perspective of governance, management and quality assurance, the concept of security should be viewed as a permanent transition state towards the fulfilment of all stakeholders requirements through ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement.

This seminar supports the implementation of a cybersecurity framework on the basis of the principles and processes of COBIT5.

Training Objectives

  • Overview of the cybersecurity framework
  • CSF steps:
    • Prioritising and defining scope
    • Orientation
    • Creating a new profile
    • Carrying out a risk assessment
    • Creating a target profile
    • Identify, analysing and prioritising deficiencies
    • Implementation
    • CSF review
    • CSF life cycle management

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • IT security managers
  • IT operations security
  • IAM managers
  • Specialists in governance


Implementing NIST using COBIT® 5 Zertifikat, awarded by APMG und ISACA


Implementing NIST folder including:

  • Student Workbook
  • Training slides
  • Framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity
  • Mock exam questions

Original book:

- Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide
- Transforming Cybersecurity Using COBIT® 5



An internal seminar is possible, from at least six persons


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