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Cyber Security Fundamentals on the Basis of NIST  [P-CSFU2]


Course topic

Increasing mobility and the ever more complex networking of IT systems and information has seen a significant change in the types of attack aimed at IT networks and computer systems. Today, the ability to secure business- and administrative-relevant processes and data is a vital strategic issue in which individual measures no longer are no longer sufficient. Indeed, this can only be achieved by a comprehensive, holistic approach that integrates all protective measures and which sustainably safeguards the function and safety of business- and administrative processes.

Cybersecurity has become a crucial issue at all corporate levels. This basic course will teach you the fundamentals of cybersecurity architecture and how to utilise thisknowledge for the benefit of your business.

Training Objectives

  • Identifying the key components of the cyber security network architecture
  • Principles of cybersecurity architecture
  • Risk management processes and practices
  • Security tools and hardening techniques
  • The different classes of attacks
  • Cyber security incident categories and adaptations
  • Assessing cybersecurity scenarios

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • IT security specialists
  • Information security administrators
  • IT managers


Cybersecurity Fundamentals Zertifikat, awarded by ISACA

Booking of the exam has to be done by the participant directly at ISACA. We will show you the necessary steps.


CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals folder including:

  • Student Workbook
  • Exercises
  • Mock exam

Book: CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide


Public    Cyber Security Fundamentals on the Basis of NIST

Start End Duration Location Language Price CHF Status
Start12.06.2019 End13.06.2019 Duration2 days Location LanguageDE Price CHF1'900.- StatusBook
Start16.12.2019 End17.12.2019 Duration2 days Location LanguageDE Price CHF1'900.- StatusBook


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