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GDPR - Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner  [P-PDPP3]


Course topic

This seminar is a basic training for the Data Protection Officer according to the new General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

With the ever increasing explosion of information flooding the internet, every company needs to plan how to manage and protect privacy of persons and their data. Not without a reason, many new laws - in the EU as well as in the USA and Switzerland and many other regions - are being formed in order to regulate both. The European Commission has just published the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meaning that all organizations concerned need to comply with specific rules. PDPP builds on the subjects covered by the Foundation certification by focusing on the development and implementation of policies and procedures in order to comply with existing and new legislation, application of privacy and data protection guidelines and best practices, and by establishing a Privacy organization and Data Protection Management System.

  • Introduction
  • Data protection policies
  • Managing and organizing data protection
  • Roles of the controller, processor and Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data breaches, notification and incident Response

Training Objectives

The candidate understands

  • the purpose of the data protection/privacy policies within an organization
  • •data protection by design and by default
  • •the roles of the controller and processor
  • •the role and responsibilities of a data protection officer (DPO)

The candidate can apply

  • the phases of the Data Protection Management System (DPMS)
  • the theory of an action plan for data protection awareness
  • the criteria for a data protection impact analysis (DPIA)
  • the steps of a data protection impact analysis (DPIA)
  • the GDPR requirements with regard to the personal data breaches
  • the requirements for notification

Training Preconditions

To obtain the Dataprotection Officer, the successful completion of GDPR - Privacy & Data Protection Foundation UND Information Security Foundation 27001 is required.

The certification exam can also be completed without these two requirement. In this case leads to the GDPR Privacy & Data Practitioner certificate.

Target group

This practitioner level certification will be particularly useful to Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Privacy Officers, Legal / Compliance Officers, Security Officers, Business Continuity Managers, Data Controllers, Data Protection Auditors (internal and external) and HR managers.


GDPR Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner AND Data Protection Officer DPO Certificate (if requiremens are met), awarded by EXIN

To successfully pass the certification exam, an Addition of 120 hours self study, depending on existing Knowledge, has to be calculated.


GDPR DPO folder including:

  • Student Workbook
  • GDPR Regulation in detail
  • USB stick with
    • Slideshow
    • Exam simulator

Public    GDPR - Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner

Start End Duration Location Language Price CHF Status
Start29.07.2020 End31.07.2020 Duration3 days Location LanguageDE Price CHF2'550.- StatusBook
Start18.11.2020 End20.11.2020 Duration3 days Location LanguageDE Price CHF2'550.- StatusBook
Plus certification fee (optional) in the amount of 300.-


An internal seminar is possible, from at least six persons.


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