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ITIL® Expert Package  [P-ITEXP19]


Course topic

Everyone who wants to pursue training in efficient and effective steps up to ITIL® Expert will benefit from one of our cost-optimised course packages.This comprises five ITIL® V3 intermediate lifecycle modules and the MALC integration seminar:

  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate lifecycle seminar: Service strategy (SS)
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate lifecycle seminar: Service design (SD)
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate lifecycle seminar: Service transition (ST)
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate lifecycle seminar: Service operation (SO)
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate lifecycle seminar: Continual service improvement (CSI)
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 intermediate managing across the lifecycle (MALC)

Depending on your availability, you have two years to attend the five courses SS, SD, ST, SO and CSI within the context of our public seminars.The culmination of your training is the completion of the MALC, which takes you to the level of ITIL® Expert.

Training Objectives

  • The course objectives correspond to the objectives of the respective lifecycle seminars
  • You are taught the precise content of the lifecycle phases of service strategy (ss), service design (sd), service transition (st), service operation (so) and continual service improvement (CSI).
  • You learn how to deal with the principles of the various lifecycle stages, processes and activities.

Training Preconditions

Participants of this seminar need the ITIL® Foundation Certificate Edition 2011

Target group

  • Individuals with the ITIL® foundation and who are looking to continue their education up to ITIL® Expert or ITIL® Master, as well as participants working towards a deeper understanding of the levels of business and management.


  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Service Strategy.
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Service Design,
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Service Transition,
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Service Operation,
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Continual Service Improvement,
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Managing across the Liecycle,
  • ITIL® Edition 2011 Expert
  • awarded by Peoplecert und Axelos
  • Documents

    Course material from the individual Intermediate courses including all 5 core books:

    - ITIL® Service Strategy Core Book
    - ITIL® Service Design Core Book
    - ITIL® Service Transition Core Book
    - ITIL® Service Operation Core Book
    - ITIL® Service CSI Core Book

    all books based on Edition 2011



    An internal seminar is possible, from at least six persons


    We offer you the ITIL V3 Expert Package to the following conditions:
    - Training fee in total CHF 13'900.-
    - Exam fees CHF 1'920.-

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