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Business & IT service continuity concept  [P-WSBCP1]


Course topic

One of the key operational challenges in modern enterprise culture is continuous availability in the area of IT services.

Today, risk management and recovery planning are essential for the fulfilment of ICS requirements and for promoting the competitiveness and continuity of a business. The continued functioning of complex IT infrastructures has therefore become an operative necessity for almost all business processes – above all when external providers or cloud solutions form a part of the picture.

A business- and IT service continuity concept encompasses comprehensive protection measures and integrates employees and locations as well as business- and IT infrastructures. This concerns the management discipline of emergency precautions and -planning, which is necessary for safeguarding the survival of the company. Also involved is simulations and testing of serious cases.

Training Objectives

  • Business- & IT service continuity process
  • Business impact analyses
  • Risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Service continuity plans
  • Perpetuation of the business continuity concept

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary.

Target group

  • Business process owners
  • IT managers
  • IT security managers
  • IT continuity managers
  • Project managers
  • IT operations managers


There will be no certification exam.


Workshop folder with

- Workshop slides
- Exercises and solutions



This in-house workshop can be carried out as 1/2, 1 or 2 day event.


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