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Service catalogue development with OBASHI  [P-WSOBA1]


Course topic

The ability of an IT service provider to meet business needs is greatly increased through the use of a service management system and the creation of a comprehensive service catalogue – including business units, processes and services, as well as interrelationships with dependencies in IT services, -technologies and -components.

Using the OBASHI method, the workshop works towards the development of a service architecture and the subsequent service description.

  • O = Organisation, i.e.locations, departments, persons involved in the process
  • B = Business process
  • A = Applications in which business processes are mapped
  • S = System in the sense of operating system
  • H = Hardware, virtual or physical
  • I = Infrastructure – network, storage, firewall, among others

Training Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of services
  • Service architecture concept
  • The OBASHI method
  • Practical example of decline in a service
  • Structure and documentation of a service catalogue

Training Preconditions

No formal prerequisites necessary. Basic experience with Service Management and some knowledge about ITIL is recommended.

Target group

  • Service level managers
  • Service catalogue managers
  • Service managers
  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • IT consultants
  • IT instructors
  • Change managers


There will be no certification exam.


Workshop folder with

- Workshop slides
- Exercises and solutions



This in-house workshop can be carried out as 1/2, 1 or 2 day event.


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