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Scrum Master [P-SCM2 ]

On the basis of practical exercises, this course teaches the basic principles of Scrum, deepens its application and localizes the main roles within Scrum.

Main Topics

Today Scrum is the best known agile method: Through a simple structure and clearly defined roles, the Scrum principles can be learned quickly, used productively and thus the advantages of agility can be quickly exploited.

At the center of Scrum is the self-organized team, whereby the Scrum master is responsible for trouble-free work. As “Servant-Leader Coach” he ensures that the development process remains intact throughout.

In this Scrum-Master course the participants learn the basic principles of Scrum and deepen their application through practical exercises. We integrate a LEGO simulation in which Scrum is played through end-to-end. In addition, we teach which responsibilities and tasks are linked to the different roles of Scrum Master, Team and Product Owner. You will recognize the benefits and structure of Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.


  • Introduction to Agile: Mindset, values, principles
  • The Scrum Philosophy
  • The different roles in Scrum and their tasks: ScrumMaster, Development Team, ProductOwner
  • Meaning and application of Scrum meetings: daily Scrum, sprint planning, sprint review, retrospectives
  • Meaning and application of Scrum artifacts: product backlog, sprint backlog, burndowns
  • Scaling: Scrum of Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework
  • Introduction of Agile & Scrum in the organization

No formal requirements necessary.

Target Audience

  • All those who want to develop results according to agile principles (also outside of IT)
  • Project Manager
  • Project collaborators
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Developer
  • All those who want to bring about positive changes in their organisation


Agile Scrum Master (ASM), awarded by EXIN

Exam language English or German

This course also counts as a HERMES recertification.



Teaching Materials

Teaching materials in English

SCRUM Master folder includes:

  • Student workbook
  • USB stick with
    • Slideshow
    • Exam simulator
    • Scrum information material
    • Relevant Scrum eBooks


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 or more

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